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What is crystal?

Last updated: 2020-05-27

    The English name of the crystal is Rock-crystal, which is based on the Greek Krystallos evolved internal carving crafts, and its meaning is "white ice", the image crystal depicts the crystal clear and transparent appearance. C

    The English name of the crystal is Rock-crystal, which is based on the Greek Krystallos evolved internal carving crafts, and its meaning is "white ice", the image crystal depicts the crystal clear and transparent appearance. Crystal has a long history as a gem and decoration. Crystals can be made into crystal balls, jade carvings, colorless rings or color-changing materials. Crystal is a valuable raw material for arts and crafts. (1) The history of crystal: the main achievements of crystal

        The English name of the crystal is Rock-crystal, which is based on the Greek Krystallos evolved internal carving crafts, and its meaning is "white ice", the image crystal depicts the crystal clear and transparent appearance. 

    Crystal has a long history as a gem and decoration. Crystals can be made into crystal balls, jade carvings, colorless rings or color-changing materials. Crystal is a valuable raw material for arts and crafts.

(1) Crystal's history: 

       The main component of crystal is silicon dioxide, the hardness is 70 degrees Celsius, and the density of crystal lighting accessories is about 265, which has the characteristics of birefringence. A few years and tens of thousands of years ago, the magma of the earth moved from the center of the earth to the surface. The magma containing silica drilled into the soil, and the holes in the rock slowly crystallized into today's crystal.

  The oldest name of crystal in China is "water jade", which means water-like jade. In the Buddha's book, the crystal of Yingjie Jingguang is called "the spirit of water", and it is believed that the crystal will flash a magical aura, which can be used to popularize all living beings, and the crystal is called "Bodhisattva stone".

(2) The effect of crystal:

  The crystal contains mysterious power, which can calm the mind, bring wealth, and has the effect of expelling disease and eliminating evil. The famous medical scientist Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty in China described in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" that the crystal "Xin Han is non-toxic" "treating convulsions and heart heat, emphysema of lung carbuncle. Cough on upper gas", can "reassure eyesight, go to the red eye. Swollen "," Yi Mao hair, please color ".

       In recent years, there has been a "crystal fever" in the United States. When people put a crystal in their pockets, it is said that they have plenty of energy to deal with busy affairs. Insomniac people put a crystal under their pillows to make you sleep well.

4) The effect of crystal on various organs of the human body:

     (1) Amethyst: The main head (crown) is placed near the head for a period of time, which is helpful for the treatment of headache and improves the function and secretion of the brain.

     (2) Furong Jing: Main heart and lungs, so it is advisable to hang it on the chest (near the heart). It is helpful for the health of circulatory organs and respiratory organs.

     (3) Topaz: The main solar nerves and liver, gall, spleen, pancreas and other internal organs, so those with weak internal organs should wear topaz.

     (4) Smoke crystals or tea crystals: the main abdomen and sex organs, the main roots should be compatible with the main function of amethyst.

     (5) Tiger crystal: Main kidney and upper limit of kidney, so it should be worn around the waist.

     (6) Green Moss Crystal: The main spirit is in and on the chest, which helps to improve thinking. Open the mind and make the inner calm accept yourself. It is also a symbol of wisdom and love.

   (5) Different uses of crystal jewelry:

    (1) Crystal necklace: can make your own speech more fluent. More convincing

     (2) Crystal earrings, bracelets and bracelets: all located on the acupuncture points of the human body, which can promote blood circulation. Make people strong.

     (3) Crystal ball: It is the dominant crystal jewelry in the world. Especially China, Japan, the United States, South Korea and other countries have a special liking for crystal. They like to have a crystal ball at home or office. Good taste. In fact, the crystal ball is taken from nature. It gathers the essence of the world, so many people believe that the crystal ball has spirituality and can bring wealth to the house.

Crystal is a spiritual mineral that brings us good luck and eliminates bad luck. It is hailed as a magic weapon for spirits in natural stones. The formation of a special molecular structure is the continually absorbing essence of heaven, earth, sun and moon for thousands of years. It has super strong qi and magnetic field energy and has incredible aura power. Practicing the same Vajra bodyguard, it is used for spiritual practice, health maintenance, Qi cultivation, town house, gathering wealth, praying for blessings, recruiting wealth, offering Buddha, removing obstacles, spiritual cultivation, increasing wisdom, helping others, avoiding villains, etc. Over the years, crystal experts have continuously researched and provided a lot of literature and examples of crystal lovers to prove that crystal contains huge energy and magical aura power. Not only can you reverse your luck and achieve your wishes, but it is also an ancient culture worth promoting for thousands of years.

    Natural crystals have the function of absorbing negative qi and emitting positive qi, that is, absorbing the negative body of the human body (that is, Vulgar Qi) to relieve negative emotions.

    Since crystal has super strong gas, magnetic field energy and memory ability, religious circles all over the world use its energy, gas and magnetic field to come to town houses, change feng shui to bring bad luck. Wearing crystal can attract Jinaxiang and protect your body. Knowing crystal and crystal connection is a convenient way for Nafu to make money and protect peace.

    Crystal is the purest magnetic field among all natural ores, and it is of great help to our daily life and body. However, if we do not work hard, but rely on crystal blindly, its effect is limited. Crystal is a gem with great energy. Any light or energy is emitted through the crystal, and its energy becomes infinite. If you know how to use crystal, the crystal will have infinite help for our body, yang house (feng shui) and luck. So, the crystal is to help you achieve your goal, not to let you enjoy it.

The main component of crystal is "silicon dioxide" (sio2), and "silica" (silica) is also the most important mineral that accounts for more than 65% of the earth's crust composition; among them, it also contains various trace metals, so it will cause Crystals of various colors; crystals will also "symbiosis" with various minerals in nature, such as mica, feldspar, calcite, tourmaline, rutile, granite, etc.

    The growth environment of crystals is mostly underground and in caves, and there is a need for a rich source of groundwater. Groundwater also contains saturated silicon dioxide. At the same time, the pressure here needs to be about two to three times under atmospheric pressure. The temperature needs to be between 550 and 600 ° C, and then given an appropriate time, the crystal will crystallize into a hexagonal columnar crystal according to the natural law of the "hexagonal system".

    Generally, in an ideal environment controlled by humans, that is, the physical and chemical conditions meet the above conditions, the growth rate of crystals is about 0.8 millimeters (mm) per day. This is also the standard production speed of many artificial crystal laboratories and factories. The crystals cultivated therefrom are the so-called "synthetic quartz" (synthetic quartz), which are usually cut into chips for electronic, computer, and communications industries; it is also called "cultivated quartz" quatrtz), although using different nouns, actually speaking the same thing. In general, the thickness of artificial crystal for industrial use needs about three centimeters, that is, 30mm, and it takes about 40 days to grow; if it is used for the jewelry industry to grind into a crystal ball more than ten centimeters (100mm), it is usually about 120 to 180 days is enough. However, this is only possible in the most ideal environment under human control. This speed is possible. In nature, the situation is not so optimistic, because the conditions of raw materials, water quality, temperature, pressure, etc. have been changing. It is difficult to achieve the ideal condition, and it usually takes tens of thousands of times, or millions of times, to achieve the same growth. This is why the "geological age" movement uses "millions of years" as its base, which is why "natural crystal" is precious.

    When normal crystals grow, many growth lines parallel to the cylindrical tip line can be found. Due to the narrow growth space in the ground and in the caves, especially in the face of earthquakes or changes in the crust, they are even squeezed by other ores, which often compress and produce different "crystal planes." Also, when the crystal is still in the liquid state, it will often be coated with other ores and mud, and grow together, such as rutile (later becomes crystal), volcanic mud (later into phantom crystal) and many more. All of these are "parts of nature", please don't treat them as "blemishes".

    Crystal, often translated as quartz, is actually the same thing physically and chemically. Many geology teachers, in their habit, call opaque, rock-like quartz and transparent crystal. This slight resolution is not very important, because basically the same thing.

    So what's the difference between natural crystal and crystal glass jewelry and wine glasses displayed in department stores? They are also sparkling, but natural crystal has two characteristics that ordinary crystal glass does not have. One is that it can produce a current effect, that is, it can form the so-called "magnetic field" and "energy"; the second is that natural crystal can store and remember Certain information. And it can also expand and transmit such information, combine our unknown power in the universe, and then achieve our wish.

    Scientists have found that if a current flows through a chip made of silicon dioxide, the vibration frequency will continue to be generated, which will cause an invisible oscillation effect, which in turn will have a transmission effect. So from the end of the 1940s, smart people began to use chips in various fields, from quartz watches, transistor radios replacing vacuum tubes, televisions, as well as the most avant-garde computers, various electronic devices, microwaves It can be said that if there is no silicon dioxide (crystal) in the control system, automobile electronic automatic burner, etc., I am afraid that many people will be unemployed!

    Is the use of natural crystal energy a superstition? Is it witchcraft? Is the so-called spiritual function a gimmick for businessmen? Or does it really matter? After decades of contact and experience, people have learned that this so-called spiritual function is the same as physiognomy and horoscope. It has been discovered a long time ago that this characteristic of crystal has been discovered by many people all over the world for many years. After accumulated experience, we summarized some of the information we see now, especially the relationship between crystal and color is inseparable. Color therapy has been widely used in the new era of sports and spirituality and the body chakra and fengshui five elements The reason why the crystal has the effect of avoiding evil and dispelling evil is that it produces high-frequency vibrations itself, and some unclean things in another space are some low-frequency spirits. They do n’t like to stay in In a high-frequency environment, of course, it will avoid or leave, plus the author himself has some experience, and I believe that the magnetic field function of crystal in certain ranges does exist! It depends on how you use its power correctly! 

Quartz Crystal refers to a well-developed single crystal of quartz. In 1676, George Ravenscroft, an Englishman, discovered crystals. The well-developed quartz single crystal is a hexagonal pyramid, so it is usually a block or granular aggregate. The pure and transparent quartz crystal is called crystal, which is generally white, off-white, and milky white. , Crystal surface glass gloss, fracture or aggregate, grease gloss, without cleavage fracture, shell shape, hardness 7, specific gravity 2.65.

The main difference between crystal and glass is that glass is amorphous and crystal is crystal. Crystals are natural and artificial; glass is artificial, and the main component is silicon dioxide (SiO2).

The best artificial crystal is K9 crystal. Use a magnifying glass in the crystal to see no subtle lines!